Our Communities

Community members of all ages helped with the painting of the Emmaus House bus stop

The Work of Our Hands, Inc. encourages people to “get in touch” with their environment through the experience of working with such things as clay, wood, fabric, and paint. All kinds of people are involved: children, adults and seniors in the inner city, people with mental disabilities, and people from all over Atlanta and beyond. We help support three art centers—The Friendship Center at Holy Comforter Church, the Community Art Project at Emmaus House and the St. Joseph’s Craft Center at Camp Mikell in Toccoa, Georgia. We also hope to support people interested in creative activities at Church of the Common Ground in downtown Atlanta. This kind of hands-on experience transcends differences and nurtures community where life is celebrated and creativity unleashed.

­—Frank K. Allan
Founder of the Work of Our Hands, Inc.

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